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  • apple
    apple i know now i want more in my life
    • 4 hours ago
  • Stealth
    Stealth Step moms...just bitches who think they can get away with fucking with their mans kid. That mans my father and if he don't kick your ass I will .-. Sick of this shit. Wants to be a bitch and start shit cause I didn't rinse out a milk glass. Go fuck a duck.
    • 7 hours ago
  • RubyBlue
    RubyBlue I think my mum has turned into a groupie
    • 9 hours ago
  • ArmouredHeart
    ArmouredHeart has just signed up. Say hello!
  • PierceTheSirens
    PierceTheSirens Just applied to university. xx hopefully I get in so my boyfriend and I will get to go to the same school.
    • 10 hours ago
  • RubyBlue
    RubyBlue I've been going off family guy for a while but Quagmire's speech was absolutely amazing tbh
    • Sat at 4:24 PM
  • DoorsDontOpen
    DoorsDontOpen Changed my name :) was "MeliLinford" just.. like.. incase anybody gets confused. 
    • Sat at 1:50 PM
    • DoorsDontOpen
      Wolf Your lying, I we don't know if you
      • 1 hour ago
  • DoorsDontOpen
    DoorsDontOpen it be really fucking nice if something when right for once.
    • Sat at 1:46 PM
  • apple
    applewatsonholmes1989: xD hahahahah thank you!!!
    • Sat at 11:56 AM
  • sugarednewts
    sugarednewts This woman at work bought like 20 bottles of body wash. No one needs that much body wash. Couponers will be the death of me. 
    • Sat at 9:33 AM
  • watsonholmes1989
    • Sat at 7:59 AM
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    • watsonholmes1989
      Wolf whats the correct version supposed to be ?
      • Sat at 12:23 PM
    • watsonholmes1989
      apple thats the correct version
      • Sat at 12:35 PM