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  • lozbian
    lozbian Need to magically make £300 in the next two weeks.. No idea how l manage it tbh! :(
    • 3 hours ago
  • SaintTate
    SaintTate has added a new profile photo.
    • 4 hours ago
  • SaintTate
    SaintTate Alright guys, So I haven't been on here in forever, and I'm sorry about that because you were all kind of awesome when I spaced out. I've been super distracted by anime and working full time and trying to hold my life together until university resumes. Oh...  more
    • 4 hours ago
  • fallingstarsshinebrightest
    fallingstarsshinebrightest I havent been here in a looong time....so.... HI! :D
    • 6 hours ago
  • zombiehead5
    zombiehead5 My bass cover of Snow (Hey Oh) by Red Hot Chili Peppershttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jvdqS7zqnUQ
    Bass cover of Snow (Hey Oh) by Red Hot Chilli Peppes - YouTube
    • 7 hours ago
  • WarrenWikked96
    WarrenWikked96 Someone should kik me
    • 8 hours ago
  • Sammie
    Sammie how's everyone doin? :)
    • 17 hours ago
  • SocialEnigma
    SocialEnigma I swear to fucking God that some people are so inconsiderate and stupid. That bitch is lucky that I don't believe in hitting women. Who the fuck do you think you are, yelling obnoxiously at your Autistic son, turning to me and saying, "Don't you just...  more
    • Sat at 8:51 PM
  • CourtneyZane
    CourtneyZane Today's been a really difficult day. I wish I could've slept into tomorrow, but that didn't happen and now I'm left with these thoughts and no one to go to.
    • Sat at 6:12 PM
  • XGoldenxWingsxAngelX
    XGoldenxWingsxAngelX Just found out I have 7 nodules on my thyroid, which could be cancer, then "Cancer" by MCR comes on pandora.....well....
    • Sat at 4:28 PM
  • SugaarAciid
    SugaarAciid I remember watching Kickass when it just came out xD and because of Hit Girl's wig he thought I was watching Lazy Town... 
    • Sat at 3:56 PM